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With the world seemingly wreaking its global vengeance on us economically, emotionally, and physically with this wretched disease, Covid-19, it is no surprise that many writing markets and contests have also vanished into that black void of loss. (And this sentence has too many ‘w’ words.)

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

Every country and each demographic has felt the pain of the economic devastation. Entire regions shutting down in an effort to slow the spread. Scores worldwide left jobless and businesses closed. Lives turned upside down and lives lost.

For our own sakes, we must cling to what normalcy we can. We must not lose sight of the passions that drive us into tomorrow.

With that, I present an ongoing list of writing markets and contests I am working on.

I am checking and updating links, removing markets with dead links and that appear to be defunct, clinging to hopefuls (ie. I’m hopeful they will return), and will add new markets and contests as I learn of them and when I can.

The intent of this listing is to be inclusive. Suggestions of additions are welcome (share them in the comments of this post).

This is my first experiment with Google Docs, so please bear with me. I am creating and posting this in Google Docs so, hopefully, a wider range of readers can access and open both the document and its links.

Here is the list of writing markets and contests. Keep reading and writing, my friends.




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