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Exhausted by Sidney Gaudet (9 yrs old)


Exhausted is like the color gray.

Like a hungry wolf that spend the whole night looking for food,

Or the soot you cleaned out of the fireplace.

It is like the clouds on a rainy day that woke me from my slumber,

Like the huge rock I tried to bring home.

Exhausted is like a heavy fish on the end of your fishing rod,

Like the smoke that comes from the chimney that you tried to clear all day.

Exhausted is like the cement you got stuck in before it dried and you have been using all your might to get out of,

Like grey eyed people’s eyes after a long day.

Exhausted poem by Sidney Gaudet


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Halloween Bash
by L.V. Gaudet
Ghost ghost, where is the ghost?

He is the party host.


Which witch has the stitch,

the stitch to sew Scarecrow Mitch?


We’re getting ready for the Halloween bash,

with treats and tricks and dancing the Monster Mash.


There will be eyeball stew and finger goo,

and enough candy for me and you.


Sam Skeleton rattled his bones too hard,

and they fell all over the graveyard.


Spot the dog stole his leg bone,

and now Sam is hopping after him all the way home.


This party will be too spooky for me,

I think I’ll just hide behind that tree.


See see, did you see?

I think that pumpkin just winked at me!

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Grizelda’s Rain Hex

by L.V. Gaudet


Bad witch Grizelda hexed rain in the air,

So here is a magic spell—if you dare.


Rain rain now you go away,

So the spooks and goblins can come out to play.


The houses are decorated quite a fright,

So we can have fun this Halloween night.


We’ll trick and treat and yell out “Boo!”

Because that is what little monsters do.


Now if you say this spell just right,

It might just be a starry Halloween night.

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It’s Halloween! What a Treat!
by L.V. Gaudet
(c) October 28, 2009


Spook’em time is here.
Oh what do you fear?

Bats and Barts and whoopee cushion farts?
Ghosts and posts and party hosts?

Here’s a wish for lots of Halloween candy
From your friends Robyn and Sidney

Stay smart and safe,
As you run every place.

But most of all have fun,
(And don’t forget to let your Mom or Dad
check that candy and gum)



This is a fun halloween poem I wrote for a card we made for my girls’ friends.

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Witches, Goblins, and Spooks – Oh My!
© October 19, 2009
by L.V. Gaudet


Witches, goblins, and spooks – oh my!

Bats and ghosts flying in the sky.

Trick or treat and stamp your feet,

I want something good to eat.


Fairies, princesses, and ponies – oh dear!

Masks, makeup, and costumes are here.

Trick or treat and stamp your feet,

I want something good to eat.


Heroes, villains, and clowns – woohoo!

We are coming looking for you.

Trick or treat and stamp your feet,

I want something good to eat.


Give me chocolate, suckers, and candy

Any toys and treats will be just dandy.

Fill my bucket, bag, and pockets,

Look at all those sugar rockets.


Little scared pumpkin please don’t cry,

That’s only Halloween in the sky.

Here, I know what to do,

I’ll share my candy with you.

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A Scare in the Air

By L. V. Gaudet

© October 15, 2009



There is a crackle in the air,

of crisp fall leaves crunching like the dry cackle of witches.


Someone is hurrying over there,

racing from darkened tree to darkened tree while holding up too big britches.


Pumpkins lit and carved with care,

eerie flames licking their hollowed insides in a dance of twitches.


Ghosts hang from branches bare,

billowing and cavorting with dragons and skeletons and green faces full of stitches.


Houses decorated grimly to scare,

goblins, ghouls, all manner of freakish delight.


Hey you, don’t touch that over there!

You don’t know what might crawl out on this dark night.


If you venture out please do beware,

for it is All Hallows’ Eve tonight.


All manner of spooks are out on the scare,

playing tricks and seeking treats on this dark night.

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By Lori Gaudet

© Apr 2008




White snow sparkles, glistening in the warming sun,

looking wet as the warm air kisses its crystalline form.

Snow sweat drips, sliding lazily down the crisp snow,

Transforming it’s white crystals to clear shining ice.


Brown grass pokes up through the thinning snow,

reaching for the warming sun.

Wings flap, powerfully grabbing the air,

the geese are trumpeting their triumphant return.


The hare begins to shed his beautiful white coat,

turning gray-brown as he seeks out his mate.

The little red squirrel plays about in the warm sun,

leaping from branch to branch.


The ground begins to warm and soften,

awakening early spring bulbs.

Soon the trees will begin to bud ready to burst with leaves,

while the green shoots wind their way up to the warm spring sun.

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