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Robynism – Dinner (Last Night)

Mom – “Wash up, dinner’s ready.”

Robyn – “But we’re playing.”

Mom – “Now please.”

Robyn – “We have to play!”

Mom – “Now.”

Two minutes later, kids hands now washed and everyone at the table…

Robyn (as she is sitting down) – “That sure was a lot of kid playing,” matter of factly.


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No words, just action.  Preparing for a tea party.  Quickly, when I turned to look at her, she nonchalantly tries to hide the hot cocoa can behind her body while trying to be oh so casual about picking up the lid she dropped without me seeing what she’s doing.

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Robynism: “I need a straw to drink my hot cocoa because all kinds of drinks give you mustaches.  But not everything gives me mustaches (sigh), coming from my nose.”

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A Robynism from October 6, 2009


Riding her new roller skates (and I cringe as I say this) in the house …


I quote, straight from the mouth of my babe …


“Mom, when you can’t find me, and you can’t hear me, and I’m not in the other room, then I’m in the hall and I fell softly to the ground.”



Yep, my kid is weird.

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