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 Michael John Sullivan The Sock Kids Meet Lincoln - CoverGuest blogger Robyn Gaudet, 8 years old (ok, less than two weeks to 9 years old!) shares with us her review on:


The Sock Kids Meet Lincoln by Michael John Sullivan and Susan Petrone



 I read a book called The Sock Kids.  The sock kids are sock people and why I like it is because it is so FUNNY I just wanted to read all the books over and over!

A little sock named Stretch met Lincoln.  Lincoln put Stretch onto his feet and Stretch met a black sock named Meade.  They became good friends then Stretch went home.

My favorite part about the story is when Stretch got whirled from the bath tub and got into 1863 and that’s when he met Lincoln.


The Sock Kids Meet Lincoln can be bought on Amazon and The Sock Kids can be found hanging out here on WordPress.com.


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Book review by Robyn Gaudet (age 8)Gilles Tino Too Many Books
Too Many Books by Gilles Tibo
(Illustrations by Bruno St-Aubin)

He tries to clean his cat. And then he tries to tie his shoes, but he got books and he did that and tied everything into a bow.

He went to the library with his neighbour which is his girlfriend because he loves her.

He got his books from the library and read one of the books and he loved it because he laughed!

My favourite part was the end when he laughed with the mouse in the book, and the mouse is out of the book now.

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