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The Macabre Author

It’s been 10 months since I did my first edition of The Editor’s Corner (a bonus piece, in fact), and I think it’s high time I gave it another go with my first official tip. Considering all the writing I’ve been looking at these days, well, I think there are a few things that need to be addressed.

When I was a professional editor, I got to review people’s writing before it was published, and I wound up seeing some common errors that beginners make.

These mistakes can make it more difficult to get published.

I thought it might be fun (or at least informative) for aspiring writers out there to get some tips from not only someone who is published, but also helped (and helps) others get their manuscripts ready for publishing.

So, here’s the first tip, tongue-in-cheek named:

Use adverbs sparingly. That doesn’t mean you can’t…

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Musings and Marvels

You may have heard about Wattpad by now. It’s a platform where anyone can write stories and anyone can read them and leave comments. The site has 45 million members, and is very mobile friendly. 

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✨Colleen Chesebro✨The Faery Whisperer ✨

As an avid reader, I have spent the last few years reviewing books on my blog and on other websites that help to promote Indy Authors. It has been an honor to read and review over one hundred and forty books in the last couple of years.

There are several reasons why I engaged in the review process:

  1. Writing a review has been my way of saying thank you to the author. Writing a book is a long and detailed process, and as an author, I know how much work I put into my own writing. I can think of no better way to let an author know that I appreciated all the hard work they put into writing a novel other than helping to spread the word of their success.
  2. My reviews contributed to spreading the word to other readers about authors and books that I enjoyed. I have…

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Oh the dream, of getting into the “big” bookstore, and the last remaining chain in some areas…

Sojourns in Publishing

Almost every one of my Canadian self-publishing authors aspires to see their magnum opus proudly displayed on the bookshelves of Chapters/Indigo and Coles. They see it as the pinnacle of having arrived as an author and will purchase Book Return Insurance in order to make that more of a possibility. Book Return Insurance is what bookstores need the author to have in order to be able to return unsold stock without the bookstore losing money.

However, Book Return Insurance is not a VIP admission ticket for Chapters/Indigo or Coles – or any bookstore for that matter – to purchase the author titles and to stock them on their shelves. Chapters/Indigo may go to Ingram to order self-published books available there if asked to, and if they deem it desirable according to their own internal criteria. It is important to know that their Central Purchasing Office will not automatically go and…

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Write Through the Night

A month or so ago now, I was approached to do an interview with AJ, and I lept at the idea, because… well… I love interviews.  But this one had something special, because AJ was in the process of releasing Closet Full of Bones, a psycho-thriller that sounds absolutely WONDERFUL (I’ll share more details after the interview).  Right away, my interview with AJ was awesome, and it certainly didn’t let me down.  Her sense of humor, wittiness, and honest answers made her super fun to talk to, and so make sure you read the interview and then find out more about her book!!

halfway (44)

Q: Hi AJ! Thank you so much for spending your time answering questions for us.  How would you describe Closet Full of Bones in your own words?

AJ: The book started germinating years ago when a person very close to me was being stalked by an…

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Special Features with Stacey Shaw

Way back in 2004, BBC Two aired a 13-part miniseries based on “The Kingdom” a Danish series by Lars von Trier. This US adaption, retitled “Kingdom Hospital” was developed following this by the one and only Stephen King and made good use of a much larger budget for both special effects and casting.

What Is Kingdom Hospital About?

The miniseries is set in the fictional Kingdom Hospital in Lewiston, Maine. It is unlike any other hospital in both looks and what’s inside. This huge building that stands out completely from the rest of the town houses the oddest patients and staff you could ever imagine, including a near blind security guard, a German shepherd with an accent, a patient who believes she has psychic powers and a recently deceased man who’s missing a very important part of his body. Unfortunately for both patients and staff, there are some other matters…

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Elite Digital Advertising

Advertising has evolved.  We are no longer stuck with the usual print, radio or television advertisements.  Make way for the digital era! Everywhere we go we are starting to see digital screens popping up, catching our eye.  We’ve said it ourselves…”it’s starting to look like Times Square around here”.  Not that we are complaining, we love Times Square!  Say goodbye to the old style billboard.  With all due respect, you have served us well, but your time is now up!  It’s all about video, graphics and moving imagery.  This exciting and innovative way to advertise will dominate 2017 and beyond.

We go a little further when it comes to digital advertising.  Not only do we target our audience in a fantastic way but we are also mobile.  This means we can drive to our target audience and show them exactly what they need to see.

You product, company, event or just…

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