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Michael John Sullivan The Greatest Gift-Book CoverThe Greatest Gift is the final installment of the trilogy that started with Necessary Heartbreak, followed by Everybody’s Daughter.


In Everybody’s Daughter we were left hanging with Michael Stewart and his daughter Elizabeth still missing after being transported back to ancient Jerusalem when it was a dangerous world ruled by Roman soldiers and brutality. Elizabeth was murdered by a Roman soldier who owned Michael’s beloved Leah through fear and became obsessed with owning Elizabeth too. The only way to rescue Leah and Elizabeth had been to kill the soldier, but it was too late for Elizabeth. Michael and Elizabeth were miraculously reunited when she was brought back to life.


Michael and Elizabeth still had no idea how they could possibly get home to their own time.


Back home in the present time the desperate search is still on for Elizabeth, who mysteriously vanished, and for her father Michael, who is the prime suspect in her disappearance. While his sister Connie and his friend Susan both refuse to believe Michael could have had anything to do with his daughter’s disappearance, the FBI has a very different opinion and are convinced his later disappearance only seals his guilt.



The Greatest Gift continues the story …


Still trapped in ancient Jerusalem, Elizabeth is pulled into greater danger just as Michael finally had her returned to him alive. His beloved Leah, who lives in that time, is rediscovered and lost to him all at once, having found someone else and married in his absence. But now Leah and Elizabeth are charged with the soldier’s murder and Michael must do everything he can to save them. Posing as a Roman soldier, he travels with them and finds himself helping an Apostle by writing part of his Gospel, an act that does not go entirely unnoticed back home in present day.


In the present, Connie and Susan are at odds with each other, disliking each other immensely as the tensions of Michael and Elizabeth’s disappearance drove a wedge between the two who could have been allies with their shared goal.


Special Agent Hewitt Paul is as determined as before to find Michael and charge him with his daughter’s disappearance. And now he believes Michael’s friend Pastor Dennis is somehow involved and possibly hiding Michael. For him everyone is a potential suspect in knowing something that might reveal Michael’s whereabouts.


Pastor Dennis is the only one who believes Michael’s claims before his disappearance that he had travelled to ancient Jerusalem and back.


Somehow Michael must rescue Leah and Elizabeth and return to the present with his daughter. Meanwhile Connie and Susan are pulled together against their will against a bigger foe, the FBI agent who wants to put Michael away. They must try to avoid Special Agent Hewitt Paul while also searching for Michael and Elizabeth, but Hewitt Paul is not so easily avoided.





The Greatest Gift brings us to the conclusion of a paranormal story of faith and sacrifice where the unbelievable is the only answer. Michael John Sullivan gives us an enjoyable mix of hope, desperation, and drama that all readers can enjoy.



The Greatest Gift is published by The Story Plant.

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Michael Stewart is obsessed with finding something that was hidden in the basement of an old church. He also faces his own demons, worried he isn’t being a good enough father to his teenage daughter Elizabeth and punishing himself for his belief he failed his wife before her death.


Unfortunately, nobody else seems to believe this hidden secret exists. And how could they? They believe he is crazy, his talk about travelling to the past through a tunnel in the church basement the delusions of a man who is not coping with reality. But Michael knows it is real because he has gone through it before.



When Michael re-discovers the hidden passageway through time he vanishes. Realizing what happened; Elizabeth is determined to follow her father. Elizabeth finds the passage and emerges in Jerusalem centuries in the past just as she hoped, but her father is nowhere to be found.


Michael returns to the present to find Elizabeth missing. He can only guess what happened to her, that she had followed him through the tunnel. The world that was Jerusalem centuries ago is a dangerous world ruled by Roman soldiers and brutality.


Michael immediately realizes the danger his daughter in. He has to find the way back. He has to find her and bring her back!


But the tunnel has vanished and Michael cannot find it. Complicating things more, he is everyone’s suspect in the disappearance of his daughter Elizabeth. The three women in his life make it even more difficult. His deceased wife’s friend blames him for her death and is convinced he is to blame for his daughter’s disappearance. His sister and a woman who seems caught between being his friend and wanting more are both torn between his craziness, being unable to decide if he is guilty or innocent, and the need to help him find his daughter.


With the FBI investigating and following him, and the three women holding him back, it doesn’t seem that Michael will ever find his daughter. The more Michael tries to convince those around him that his daughter is trapped in time; the more convinced they are that he is crazy and has done something to her.


His only real ally is his friend Dennis, the priest of the church who has his own reasons to believe this passage to the past exists.


While Michael fights his own battles in the present, desperate to find a way to return to Jerusalem in the time of Christ, Elizabeth faces the greatest danger of her life centuries in the past. She reconnects with Leah, a woman she and her father met on their previous visit to Jerusalem in the time of Christ. With no one who can save them the two women fight for their lives against a sadistic Roman soldier determined to own and control them both in his prison of savage cruelty.



Everybody’s Daughter mixes religion with the paranormal in a blend of miracles and sacrifice and the lesson that faith in the unbelievable is sometimes the only answer. Michael John Sullivan treats the reader with a story of hope and despair, and finding salvation, all in a story that any reader can relate to.


Everybody’s Daughter is published by The Story Plant.



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The Sock Kids Meet Lincoln by Michael John Sullivan and Susan Petrone


Michael John Sullivan The Sock Kids Meet Lincoln - Cover



It’s Saturday in the Sock Kids’ house and that means its wash day.  The Socker family is scooped up and put in the wash where Stretch plays until … he gets whirled around so fast he had to close his eyes and felt like he was falling.


Stretch opened his eyes to find himself on a strange man’s leg.


That man was Lincoln.  Stretch has gone back in time!


Stretch meets the sock on the other leg, a black sock named Meade.


The Sock Kids Meets Lincoln offers a quick lesson in history, just right for the young age group (my daughter even went back to check the year again!) and gives a good opening for a discussion on who Abraham Lincoln is.


After a quick adventure with Lincoln, Stretch finds his way home again.


The Sock Kids was entertaining and full of action for such a short story.  My youngest picks the easiest and quickest books to read to avoid real homework reading, but most quick reads also tend to be too easy.  You can typically see the struggle between Mom making her do the required school reading vs. the distractions that pull her away from the books she is bored with.  The Sock Kids was easy enough for a struggling reader without being boring.


There were no distractions here.  She read The Sock Kids through without pause and was excited about it when she was done, instantly demanding more.  Heck, she tried to find how to get more on my phone! (Good thing purchases are password protected!)



If you are not sure whether your kid will like this book; just read my own daughter’s review after reading it herself.



Book Review by Robyn Gaudet: The Sock Kids Meet Lincoln




The Sock Kids Meet Lincoln can be bought on Amazon and The Sock Kids can be found hanging out here on WordPress.com.



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 Michael John Sullivan The Sock Kids Meet Lincoln - CoverGuest blogger Robyn Gaudet, 8 years old (ok, less than two weeks to 9 years old!) shares with us her review on:


The Sock Kids Meet Lincoln by Michael John Sullivan and Susan Petrone



 I read a book called The Sock Kids.  The sock kids are sock people and why I like it is because it is so FUNNY I just wanted to read all the books over and over!

A little sock named Stretch met Lincoln.  Lincoln put Stretch onto his feet and Stretch met a black sock named Meade.  They became good friends then Stretch went home.

My favorite part about the story is when Stretch got whirled from the bath tub and got into 1863 and that’s when he met Lincoln.


The Sock Kids Meet Lincoln can be bought on Amazon and The Sock Kids can be found hanging out here on WordPress.com.

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