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An hour or so ago I finished writing what was to be this blog.Sport baseball. I set it aside to watch a couple innings of the Dbacks/Reds game, then returned to it to see what sort of mess I’d created. As messes go, it was wonderful. As entertainment, it wasn’t so good. I deleted it. And so here I am, giving it another go. I’m not upset over the wasted time, or pissed that I’ve got to come up with something else to write about. I’m actually grateful.

Chef Adding Sauce To Dish In Restaurant KitchenThere aren’t many pursuits that allow for unlimited second chances. Tripped-up athletes need to wait for another season, chefs who can’t discern between Roquefort and the less wholesome kind of mold hope for an uninformed restaurant to give them a fresh shot, and miscalculating surgeons need to move to another state, or maybe take a job as an exterminator.

But writers get second…

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Torture Your Characters

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“Torture your characters more,” she told me after we talked for fifteen minutes about the book I’d just finished writing.

More? I thought. Torture her more?! I’d already done some irreparable damage to her physically, and mentally she was a total mess, I thought. What more could I realistically do to this poor character. People don’t go through that much torture in so short a time, not in real life…

But, the thing is, they do.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but we live in a horribly broken world. People, good people, are tortured every day by disease, accidents, relationships, good decisions, bad decisions, inevitable decisions…

They say it never just rains, and clichés are cliché for a reason, aren’t they?

I was reminded of that this week. Through conversations with new people, but then it struck home when someone I love, someone dear to my heart, was dealt…

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What’s in a Word Anyway
How the English Language Can Kill Writing

English: Spógvin is a Faroese wooden row boat....Corn field

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a farmer used his farm to produceproduce. One day there was a row among the hired help as to which row to hoe. The row about which row to hoe got so bad he had to let them all go. So they all went to the river and got in a row about how to row the boat.

illustration from a book of fairy tales

Back at the farm, to help with planting, the farmer decided to put his pigs to work and so he taught his sow to sow. Things went real well with the sow that knew how to sow the seed until a bore came along and she started to rut with the bore in the rut along side the road. When she started to rut in the

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You may be familiar with my story about a post I wrote a few years ago: The Brutal Truth About the Third Child. It has been republished on a number of other sites, much bigger than my own, and as such – has always done a lot better for them, than it ever did for me.

Recently, I wanted to see if I could cash in on my own success, so I decided to turn The Brutal Truth, and a number of other posts about The Third Child, into a book which I self-published on Amazon.

The Brutal Truth About the Third Child by Shannon Meyerkort

The process was amazingly simple, and I am sharing it here – partly so I can remember it next time – but also for anyone who is considering self-publishing a book.

This is a really basic guide, and I do not pretend to be an expert. My book was text heavy with hardly…

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